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In 1947 the Company YASAKA was created by

Mrs Yaoita & SAKAMATO who gave the name to the company:

                       Yaoita + sakamoto

Mr Yaoita was a table tennis player and his goal was to offer high quality products.

In the 1950s YASAKA has developed rapidly in connection with high level players of quality products.

The first coating was introduced: Original.

Many players start to use this coating worldwide.

In the late 1960s YASAKA has developed a high quality coating with which she won her first title.

In 1970 the first titles with the famous "MARK V" arrive:


YASAKA Factory

In 1993 the "success story" Wood Gatien Extra began.

This wood designed by technicians & Jean-Philippe Gatien that this wood won the following main headings:

- Barcelona 1992 Olympic single Vice Champion

- World Champion in singles in 1993

- Winner of the 1994 World Cup,

and many others ..... then tracks

This wood is a reference in the world

  Main titles since the inception of the company  

- 6 Olympic titles

- 58 titles at the World Championships

- 61 titles at European Championship

- 69 tittles at French Championship